Scott Zeller - Senior Marketing Consultant

Marketing and brand strategy are at the core of all we do

How can I help your company with its marketing?

Let's start with a clear definition of your objectives and budget. From there, we'll develop a set of marketing strategies and tactics based on a SWOT market analysis. Again, our goal is to achieve your objectives in the most effective way possible.

While not always the case, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Paid Search (PPC) are often two great places to start when developing your online strategies. Both are efficient at reaching your target market, and they're very cost-effective. PPC strategies can help your company get on the first page of Google right away for your targeted keywords. SEO strategies are more long-term in nature. It takes time and work to appear on the first page of Google organically. But I can explain all of that when we get started. Or, I can just handle it all for you. It's your choice.

With over 20 years experience in both traditional and digital marketing, I understand how it all works together. And how it all NEEDS to work together. From direct mail to social media to email marketing to public relations, clarity and consistency are key disciplines in brand marketing communications. They are critical in the market to establish both confidence in the customer, and authority in the industry.

Personalized service for your small business

I work from my office in Asheville, NC, and I am always available to my customers during regular business hours (EST). If you are meeting me for the first time via the Internet, please rest easy. You are in good hands. I am a proven specialist in small business marketing and will work with you personally, through meetings, emails and phone calls. My services are provided at a preset weekly rate with confirmable results, so there are no hidden costs.

So let’s talk, and determine how your company will best benefit from my services. Whatever your situation, please know that I am on your side in helping you find your company’s best path toward achieving your marketing goals. Call me today at 828-513-9068, and let's get started!